Convincing tailor made
business clothing

More than trendy formal dress we are producing tailored business clothing.

Our six tailors put a lot of efforts in producing your tailored suits according to your individual requirements. The complete workflow is determined by professional manual labor full of passion and commitment. All of our employees have learned their business from scratch and are masters of their trade. Convincing tailor made business clothing.

Everybody his own expert they will present you persuasive business clothes that will inspire not only yourself but also your business partners and clients.

Made to measure

Custom Made Clothes – leave it to the experts

Our experience in the custom made industry we are able to continuously and professional offer our services private clients who are looking for excellent quality. Tailor made clothes from reliable business wear to elegant or casual dresses is our passion. You will feel that our tailors live for their profession from our first conversation until you see your high quality piece of clothing with your own eyes.

Each design is not only determined by our own experiences and passion but also by exclusivity and uniqueness. This is what makes custom made clothing special. This is our way to produce custom made clothes. This is the epitome of custom made.

An enterprise with a fine tradition

Jack and Dave can rely on many years of experience. Our name stands for more than 50 years of exact customization of men’s and women’s clothes with charm and style. To manufacture the best quality was our target at the time and it is our ambition still, more than half a century later. The center of our occupation is always: proper design, real handicraft and of course you as our esteemed client.

Dave by Jack & Dave is a subsidiary of Jack’s International. Our main business is the manufacture of formal dress, business clothing as well as made-to-measure shirts and suits. Jack’s International successfully launched a new marketing concept at the start of 2006: the clear distinction of different business areas. Jack’s International is responsible for wholesale business partners, in particular for international business. Many European bespoke tailors have their clothing made by Jack’s International, because they value our quality, speed and integrity – which is why Jack may tell you, with a wink, that he is the production facility for half of Saville Row…

Jack & Dave serve the private sector since 10 years now. We are focused on tailor made clothing that is of best quality but available at affordable prices. Customer-orientated service and comprehensive support is what we target before we start manufacturing your bespoke outfit. Contact us for further information and a nonbinding offer.

Jack and Dave Bespoke Tailoring