Our Customer Service is Tailor-Made as well!

Over the last 36 years, Jack and Dave have been on tour to serve clients from all over the world! From individuals to families. Small offices to big companies. We continue to travel the world and build valuable relations with our clients! 

Traveling Tailor Service

Our passion to serve our clients is not only limited to our local clients but offer traveling tailor services right at your doorstep. This extra step allows us to serve clients at their location and convenience. 

In a fast moving world, we enable all our clients to get the full 'tailor-made experience' in your own city! 

We have service trips to Europe, United States and Australia the entire year round. During these trips, we visit many cities and clients worldwide. Traveling always with the latest designs, fabrics and styling options to showcase our limitless design options and quality. We would be able to guide you through out expertise that reflect your tailor-made requirements. 

Any interested groups of over 5-7 people can request a special visit from our master stylists and schedule a time to meet in person! 

Contact us now at info@jack-and-dave.com 

Companies and Uniforms

Jack and Dave also have a special department dealing directly with larger companies and corporations. Our no minimum order benefits companies of all sizes and we are able to style your custom made uniforms. We also offer standard sizing for larger bulk orders. 

We have a large list of companies around the world that regularly use our service to craft their unique uniforms orders. As a factory direct business, we are able to accommodate large orders with ease and professionalism. 

Contact us now at info@jack-and-dave.com 



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